School Programs

Little Heroes

Classroom Game Time : Our Little Heroes coach meets with all grade levels twice a week. The students are taught the rules and procedure of the games. We also focus on developing social and communication skills, collaboration and leadership.

Junior Coaches: Students in 4th and 5th grade have an opportunity to develop their leadership and problem solving skills. The students go through a selection process and leadership development

Little Heroes Sports Leagues: Russo/McEntee Academy partners with Little Heroes to provide fun, competitive, and healthy environment for the students to learn and develop sports skills through participation in tournaments throughout the school year. 




We understand that our work at the school is much more than giving our students academic skills. We work with our students using Kimochis program to develop their social and emotional intelligence as they learn to navigate their feelings

Think Together

Russo/McEntee partners with Think Together to provide before and after school care for all grade levels. Think Together provides our students with a safe and fun learning environment. The students are provided opportunity to complete their homework and engage in fun learning activities everyday. 

        Girl Scouts

 Russo/McEntee partners with Girl Scouts to provide our female students in grade 2nd-5th with a 12 weeks program. Activities included in the program include a 90 minute learning session once a week and 2 field trips. The girls will work on building a strong relationship and connection with each other, practice community problem solving skills, and building health and wellness.